‘Duck Dynasty” Family Looking to Dump A&E!

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After being hung out to dry by network executives, Duck Dynasty patriarch Phil Robertson is thinking of dumping A&E and looking for another cable network to air his show.

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Robertson is reportedly quite unhappy with how network executives handled the whole situation after an interview the Duck Commander gave to GQ magazine erupted in controversy in December.

The Robertson family feels that executives abandoned them when gay advocacy groups began attacking Phil Robertson over his comments about homosexuality and only relented when it became clear that the network would take a financial hit because of executives’ actions.

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“A&E messed with the wrong redneck,” a source close to the show told the media. “Phil has agreed to return, but he’s already working on getting out their contracts.”

By some reports, Robertson thinks he can get the family out of the contracts they signed only last August–contracts that were supposed to keep them on A&E for at least two more seasons.

According to the source, Robertson is “confident lawyers can find a loophole and get them out of any long-term commitments.”

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“Phil wants to use his company name Duck Commander as the title for an entirely new show that they can produce themselves and be in control of what goes on,” the source said.

The Robertson family made millions with their own duck call manufacturing business which brought them to the attention of reality show producers in the first place.

After Robertson’s comments on homosexuality, left-wingers and their media lapdogs began a systematic effort to destroy the family by constantly misreporting and misquoting what the Duck Dynasty chief said about homosexuality.

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Robertson merely paraphrased the Bible’s listing of sins, one of which was homosexuality. But despite what the Old Media establishment claims, Robertson did not attack gays, disparage them as human beings, or claim to pass judgment upon them.

Would you follow the Ducksters to another network if they left A&E? Tell us your thoughts below.

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