Multiple Customers Step Over “Inconvenient” Shooting Victim As He Lay On Floor Dying

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Shocking video is going viral after it was used as evidence during a murder trial.  The video of course was used as proof of the crime, but the reason it is going viral is completely different.  It shows several customers carelessly stepping over the victim as he bled out on the floor.

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Jheryl Wright, 31, was fatally shot in September 2012 for reasons unknown.  Surveillance video captured the last moments of his life, from the shooting until death, even though it lasted for several minutes.


After being shot, Wright lay in the main doors of a convenience store dying.  As you would think most people would rush to the aid of a fellow human being, this proves to not be the case as people just step over him.

The disturbing video seems to portray careless passers-by inconvenienced by the obstacle in their path.  Stepping over the man as he lay there dying, people continue along their marry way.


Two customers leave the store at first, and although it is not shown, one could only assume that they knew the man had been shot.  As minutes tick by customers come and go hopping over the man, and even the store attendant was seen peering over the counter looking at the man–but he too did nothing.

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Finally a different man came into the store where he immediately called 911 to assist with the man.


Wrights mother, Jackel Wright has only just heard about the video showing the calloused events but claims that she is too distraught to watch the video.

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She recently told reporters that, “I hope God have mercy on your soul because you was wrong, sitting there and not helping my son, like he was just a doormat; walking over him, laying there dead, I hope y’all can’t sleep at night, ’cause that was awful. Just plain awful.”


What would you do if you found out that strangers ignored your loved one while they lay on the floor dying? Let us know how this video made you feel in a comment below!

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