Former St. Louis County Cop Sentenced For Sex Abuse of Female Motorist

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A former Country Club Hills, Missouri cop has now been sentenced to one year in county jail for forcing a drunk female driver into exchanging sex for her freedom in 2010.

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Timothy H. Jones had only been a policeman for the city for a year when he decided to demand sexual favors in exchange for letting a woman out of being arrested for drunk driving.

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In 2010, Jones pulled over a 24-year-old woman for drunk driving and gave her a choice: let him have sex with her or go to jail. Jones, of Troy, Missouri, was found guilty in October of last year for the assault.

Court documents say that after performing a field sobriety test, the woman agreed to the sexual extortion and the cop drove her to his own home where the two engaged in “several sexual acts.”

The police officer’s crime was discovered when the young woman accidentally left her cell phone in the squad car and officials began to try and figure out to whom it belonged. The cops called the girl’s mother and found her making accusations against Jones.

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An investigation revealed that officer Jones perpetrated the crime and he was arrested.

Jones was a 20-year veteran of the Jennings, Missouri police department before he transferred to County Club Hills.

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