90-Year-Old Laundromat Owner Pulls Out Gun While Teen Thug Tries To Rob Him

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A hooded assailant got a little more than a surprise after preying on what he thought was a defenseless 90 year old man.  As the assailant attempted  to rob the man, he was shocked into retreat when the victim pulled out a gun and chased him out of his store.

This wasn’t the first time George Hicks has had a run in with thieves as in 2010 he was beaten and robbed inside the same Laundromat. Needless to say, Hicks learned his lesson and went out and bought a sidearm for personal defense.

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Surveillance camera caught a creepy hooded man lurking at the door of Hicks office when all of a sudden he pushes his way in.  He gives the elderly man a shove and demands Hicks hand over the money.


This time though, Hicks wasn’t having it and stood at the ready when he reached for his pistol.  Seeing what Hicks was going for, the thief took off running scared for his life.

Hicks then called 911 where he told operators that someone just tried to rob him.  When the operator asked, “Did he take any money?,” Hicks matter-of-factly stated, “No. No. When he shoved me, I jumped up and went for my gun and when I went for my gun I said I’ll blow your [expletive] brains out and he was gone.”

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When reporters later came to interview the man they asked if he was scared.  Hicks responded with another question asking, “Why get scared?” He further explained, “I’ve got the gun and he’s running,” and conveyed that instead, “It was just funny.”

Another business owner down the street even expressed, “I want to shake the man’s hand.” Tom Mauro, owner of nearby Third Base Drive Thru, expressed that he had also been robbed and that sadly it isn’t a rare occurrence around the area.

“When two masked men tried to rob him in September, Mauro grabbed his gun and shot one of them in the chest.” He explained that rather allow thieves to target the storefront you have to be willing to stand up for yourself.  “I work seven days a week here and I really don’t want people coming in here taking what doesn’t belong to them. I won’t put up with it,” Mauro explained.

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Police are still looking for Hick’s assailant.

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