Your Tax $$ at Work: Professors Says Obamacare Failure Fault of ‘Southern White Radicals’

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As the new year dawns it is just another day, another anti-American, tax-paid university “professor” weighing in on how the Democrats’ Obamacare debacle is the fault of evil white people.

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Professor Gloria J. Browne-Marshall, of the John Jay College of Criminal Justice, made this outrageous claim in an essay entitled, “2013: A Year of Racial Challenges” which was posted on Christmas Day to a website called Politics in Color.

“Professor” Gloria J. Browne-Marshall of John Jay College of Criminal Justice.

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Browne-Marshall’s rambling essay is logically disconnected, impossible to follow, and contains one leap of logic after another all meant to support the claim that “white tea party radicals” torpedoed Obama’s disastrous take over of our nation’s healthcare services because: RACISM!

She gets to RACISM! right away in her piece, of course. In the second paragraph, she absurdly claims that whites in the south are responsible for the destruction of Obamacare because they hate black people.

“In January, President Barack Obama began his second term,” the prof notes. “However, southern White radicals vowed to stop implementation of the Obama-care law leading one to wonder if Tea Party members would oppose affordable healthcare if it came from a nonBlack President.”

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First of all, the tea party started as much in opposition to George W. Bush’s drunken-sailor-like spending as Obama’s communist policies, so to claim that they would not have been against an Obamacare-like policy if a non-black president floated it is a lie.

Secondly, Obamacare has failed because of Obama, not because of white people in the south, none of whom voted for Obama’s disgraceful healthcare law.

On a side note, it is amusing to me that this so-called educator felt the need to hyphenate “Obama-care” when no one else in the world does, but did not feel it necessary to hyphenate “nonBlack,” and also felt the need to capitalize “Black” on top of it all. Who needs grammar?

The “professor’s” messy article goes on to careen from one historical reference to another with little logical connection and even takes time to laud a cop killer and murderer as some sort of black hero.

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In her third paragraph, Browne-Marshall speaks of Lincoln’s Emancipation Proclamation, then, in the very next paragraph, she is suddenly seen noting how modern murderer Christopher Dorner was driven to his crimes by “racism.” She then outrageously says that he is a hero like Nat Turner–the latter of whom was a slave who sparked a slave revolt in Virginia in 1831.

That is a neck-breaking, whiplash-inducing logical disconnect that is hard to fathom.

But this mess of an essay is sadly emblematic of our nation’s fetid education system. This thing is so absurdly written that it would be sad if it was written by a high schooler, but this thing was written by a so-called professor at one of the country’s top law schools.

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Then again, she teaches “Race and the Law,” so with the sort of faux expertise akin to “Wymin’s studies” or “gay studies,” I guess being incoherent is expected.

Whatever the case, this whole sloppy mashup of ideas, historical references, and current events is just another sad example of the racebaiting industry at its worst. The founding father for whom this college is named would be ashamed.

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