VIDEO: Thief Breaks Into Restaurant, Walks Out With 250-Pound Safe

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Now THIS is a strongarm robbery! Amazing surveillance video shows a man in Massachusetts casually walking into a closed restaurant and walking out carrying a 250-pound safe!

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The owner of the restaurant, Kevin Hynes, said that he’d never seen anything like this before. It was so “brazen,” he said.

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The restaurant, a steak house named Stockholders in Weymouth, Massachusetts, was closed when the thief walked right in by a side door, went straight to the downstairs office, and walked out carrying the heavy safe. He was talking on the cell phone as he entered and went to the office, so it is assumed he was being guided by an insider who knew the layout of the place.

The fact that the thief was on a cell phone, the owner says, “tells me it was one of the employees, an inside job. Or it was one of the delivery guys.”

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The owner told the media that the amount of the money in the safe was “enough to hurt.”

One of the customers of the restaurant had an amusing quip for the TV news–as seen in the video above. When asked his impression of the robbery, one young man said, “I need to start going to the gym he goes to.”


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Owner Hynes is offering a $2,500 reward for information that leads to the thief’s arrest. But so far there has been no other clues as to who the thief is or who the inside man was guiding him.

Mr. Hynes has since bought a heavier safe and also bolted it to the concrete floor. A good move, I’d say. What do you say? Tell us below.

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