Liberal University Bans The Term “Obamacare”

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As 2013 has officially ended, a Michigan university has once again taken it upon themselves to dictate the English language.  In an effort to discuss overused words, they have recently released this year’s list of “banished” words.

The Sault Ste. Marie School has revealed their, “2013 List of Words to be Banished from the Queen’s English for Misuse, Overuse and General Uselessness.”  Now lucky for us, it seems that the list displays its own share of “uselessness” as the freedom of speech allows us to say as we please.

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The top, over used, word of the year was “selfie,” and we’re sure Obama is happy about this hoping it leads to a decrease in talk about one of his latest controversies.  A selfie is the act in which one take a picture of themselves or a group of friends with a cell phone while holding it in their hand.

A few other terms on the list include “twerking,”—although too bad it couldn’t actually ban the act in and of itself—the act made famous by Miley Cyrus. Also on the list was “hashtag,” the phrase made famous by Twitter describing the pound sign.

Surprisingly even the term, “mister mom” was banned this year after being made famous a full twenty years ago by the movie in 1983.

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The school even banished the terms “on steroids” when describing the improvement of something.  Along with this, they explained that you could no longer end a word with, “-ageddon” or “–pocalypse” to describe big events from snowstorms to sales—really, they haven’t ended the world yet.

The university even came out with a list describing phrases that were over used and people were tired of.  One thing that made the list was the use of, “intellectually/morally bankrupt” when used by one political side to describe the other.

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And the poor old liberals had to throw in “Obamacare,” although too bad for them, conservatives are yet to let the phrase rest in peace.  Trying to ban the phrase in hopes that they can distance the creator from his own disaster is just too good to let go.  Obama pushed so hard to make a name for himself, and as this wreck continues to crash and burn, Republicans and Conservatives are sure to leave Obama strapped in to the true legacy he deserves.

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