WATCH: Two Drunk Women Crash Live New Year’s Broadcast Shouting “F**k S**t Up!”

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The possibilities are endless when it comes to live TV.  From Janet Jackson to Miley Cyrus, it’s almost safe enough to say that a 5 second delay just isn’t enough sometimes.  Fox News proved that when they pointed a mic in the direction of two clearly intoxicated women. Needless to say, they got quite a bit of a shock.

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The incident occurred on New Year’s Eve when Fox News’ Phil Keating broadcast live from Miami for a segment titled, “All-American New Year.”


As he was talking, a woman—obviously under the influence of alcohol—started trying to get the attention of the camera.  At one point the goofy girl started giving Keating a pair of bunny ears.

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After getting exactly what she wanted, Phil turned to the girl and her friend and began asking them about 2014.  Phil was taken back when the woman shouted into the mic, “We’ve got five minutes ’till 2014 and we’re gonna f*** s*** up!”


While the woman was screaming you can see her drunk-as-well friend obnoxiously give her a huge smooch on the cheek.  Then for some strange reason she flashes her middle finger at the camera but just as quickly puts it down.

Keating acted quick and told the women, “Woah! You’ve got to watch your language. This is a family show.” But of course it was too late and even though the woman said that she was sorry, the damage was already done.


Distancing himself from the two, he tried to console viewers stating, “That’s a little bit of the adventure of live television, everybody.”

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What did you guys think of this situation–obnoxious drunks or no big deal? Let us know in a comment below!

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