Police Shoot Innocent Man’s Dog Point Blank After Serving Warrant At Wrong House

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After informing police officers that they had the address wrong on an arrest warrant and closing the door, a man was shocked when he heard gun shots erupt from his back yard.  When he went out to see what had happened, he could only watch in horror as his dog whimpered in pain from being shot three times at point blank range.

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Richard Stotlar and his dog Lady were having a day no different than any other when there was a knock at the door.  As he approached the door, police officers began to shout that they were there to serve a police warrant.  Upon opening the door, officers told Stotlar that they were looking for a woman involved with prostitution.


Stotlar was quick to tell officers that he did not know the woman and that they had the wrong address but police didn’t take his statement at face value.  Insiting the man to illegally let them in his house, Stotlar continued to urge officers that he didn’t know the woman.  He then got fed up with telling police the same thing over and over and shut the door.

Irritated officers then went around the back of the house where they broke the gate—despite it having signs reading, “No Trespassing,” and “Beware of Dog”– to his back yard, and proceeded to enter.

Next thing Stotlar recalls is hearing three distinct gun shots.  When he went into his back yard to investigate, he had seen that police had stormed his property and shot his dog three times.


Of course police state that the dog began to attack, but as Stotlar explains that Lady, “is a big baby,” and that, “she is not a vicious animal,” other evidence seems to point to the contrary of officer’s statements.

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Enraged, he took his whimpering dog to the vet where Lady underwent emergency surgery and is reported to be in stable condition.

Upon further inspection, it was determined that police had shot Lady at point blank as there were powder burns  on her face.  Powder burns occur when a gun is fired in close proximity, and as gunpowder is still hot from the explosion, land on and burn whatever is close to the end of the barrel.


Needless to say, police are “considering” paying for the man’s vet bills.  Considering? Are you kidding me? Police had the wrong address and shot an innocent man’s dog.  If it weren’t for police the dog would still be fine. Instead, police should be urging to pay for the damage done to Stotlar’s dog.

Anyways, authorities say that the officer that shot Lady was a “rookie” and is still on duty while an investigation is completed.  “Stotlar has an attorney and is considering legal action. PETA has also gotten involved.”

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