Miley Suffers Through Cough And Cold For New Year’s Performance

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Sad are the days we live in where it is surprising that Miley Cyrus gets through a performance without rubbing on anyone or taking off her clothes.  Well ladies and gentlemen, that seems to be the case as Miley made it through her New Year’s performance showing just a little bit of skin and not upsetting anyone.


Of course she brought her midget dancer with her, dressing in the usual cone bra, one piece outfit but nothing much seemed to come of it. It may have been on account of the below freezing temperatures or the fact that Miley claimed to have a “cough/cold,” but either way I’m sure ABC was pleased.

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After all, Miley didn’t do anything that would upset anyone and ABC didn’t have to end their live broadcast of the reputably offensive star—a concern I’m sure they had when asking her to perform.


Either way, the ex-Disney star only managed to show off a small square piece of flesh on her lower torso as the majority of her body was covered in a large fur coat.  At one point Miley ventured to remove the coat, but it appears as if it was a bit too cold for the star.

Cyrus later told the New Year’s host, Ryan Seacrest that it was, “the most clothes I’ve been in in 2013.” The statement does imply that if the weather had permitted, she may have worn significantly less—oh darn, what a shame.

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Tweeting just before the show, Miley let fans know she was suffering from a “cough/cold” combo and that, “If I can just get thru tonight I can have a nice lil break.” Wouldn’t that be nice?


As Miley made her way through her pitchy performance, most parents bit their nails as their children closely watched.  Miley appeared to quickly make a questionably provocative movement with her hips, but no one was none the wiser as ABC film crew immediately switched to a different angle.

Feel free to watch the performance below:



Is this just the times we live in or should we not be shocked when someone in the public spotlight can make it through a performance without offending anyone? Let us know what you think in a comment below!

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