Police Officer Granted Unusually Lenient Sentence After Violating Multiple Suspect’s Anuses

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You would think the list of things to never do would be quite extensive. It would also seem that jabbing into a man’s anus, knuckle deep, without gloves would be amongst the top. But a police officer has been recently charged with not one or two counts of just that, but at least 12.  On top of that, those the officer violated are none too pleased with the mediocre sentence placed down by the judge.

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Milwaukee police officer, Michael Vagnini was known to specifically target young black males—some as young as 15–in an effort to find drugs.  His favorite spot to look? Why, in their anuses of course.


Police Chief Ed Flynn “gradually” learned of the officer’s misconducts as complaints started to trickle in reporting the grossly illegal probes.  For some reason though, an official investigation wasn’t launched until a full year after the first complaint came in.  Incidentally, during that time, Vagnini was allowed to molest at least 11 other young men resulting in the officer being charged with 25 counts of assault and sexual assault.

Victims took to the stand testifying against Vagnini where one man stated that, “another officer put a gun to his head while Vagnini administered a choke hold, touched his scrotum and fingered his anus.”  A different man stated that the officer probed him so violently that he bled.

Perhaps the worst offense happened to Keon Canada who explained to the courts that he was, “searched by Milwaukee police on four separate occasions. They searched his butt cheeks and opened the front of his pants. No drugs were found during any of the searches.”


Now of course the search for drugs is always ongoing, but there are legalities to be followed and rights to remain unviolated.  Vagnini’s warentless and extremely illegal anal probes fall under these legalities.  Also, Wisconsin law strictly prohibits officers from entering any orifice without a warrant and when a warrant is granted, it is to be executed by medical personnel.

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After the investigation was concluded and Vagnini had been charged, the officer plead out. Under the condition that he admit his guilt, he would be sentenced for four felony and four misdemeanor charges.  Of course, the sexual assault charge was dropped so that Vagnini wouldn’t have to register as a sex offender for the rest of his life.

Vagnini was sentenced to a mere 26 months behind bars.

What would happen to anyone else that threatened a victim with a loaded weapon and forcefully penetrated them? Would they get two years behind bars and the opportunity to not register as a sex offender? Of course not, but because his brother in blue band together, the coward gets away with much less time than he deserves.

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Attorney for the victims, Jonathan Safran, stated that, “It’s an all-too-easy punishment for Vagnini and his fellow officers.” He went on to say that, “I’m not sure if it’s strong enough.”

Vagnini was charged with 5 other officers as they either assisted the man in his crimes or turned a blind eye to it.  Their charges were much less equating a few months community service and a couple hundred dollar fines.  Although, all officers had their badges stripped from them and they are never to work on a police force again.

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“Safran and others have alleged that the abuse actually included more officers than just those five.”

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