Top Ten Wasteful Ways Big Brother Spent Your Money In 2013

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If the Obama administration has proven anything it’s that despite the ever growing 17 trillion dollar debt the country is in, they don’t seem to care what they spend money on.  A conservative group has created a video speaking out against wasteful government spending and released a video showing its ten worst offenses.

The group, The Heritage Foundation, has released a video refuting the recent claims of Nancy Pelosi when she said, “’the cupboard is bare,” and there were, “no more cuts to make.” The conservative group has been known to fight against wasteful government spending, but as the year ends, they released a video that shows the 10 worst ways the government has spent taxpayer dollars.

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“Surprisingly” the list starts out small where one event was given $10,000 to pole dancers.  Now these probably aren’t the pole dancers you are thinking of, as it was a show demonstrating the risk utility works expose themselves to when working atop telephone poles.


The numbers quickly rocket into the $100,000 range and above listing asinine grants given to build things such as an outhouse and bus station enclosure.  Now the bus station did have heated pavement but still, $100,000? And what about an outhouse with a single toilet and no running water—how do you justify $100,000 on that?

The numbers continue to rise as even dumber things are studied.  At least with structures you’re getting something out of it, but a study?  For instance, a study was conducted, “to find out if couples are happier when a woman calms down after arguing,” giving the group a staggering $335,525. What could have possibly cost that much?

A pile of rocks were given to the London Embassy in the form of a monument totaling a $1 million dollar price tag.  Needless to say, there was nothing “artistic” about the pile of rocks that were just thrown onto the property.  A Veteran Affairs office blew $562,000 just on artwork because they had it left over in the budget—because who would think to not spend the money they didn’t need.


Well leave it to our trustworthy politicians in office to spend the largest amount of money on themselves.  Custom crystal stemware was purchased for our friends in the state department costing taxpayers an enormous $5 million dollars. After all, we wouldn’t want our most highly entitled representatives drinking out of mere glass would we?  Well that wasn’t good enough as they spend an additional $400,000 dollars on booze to fill the glasses.

Topping the charts as the most ridiculously wasteful event was a vacation for, “employees connected with the U.S. Coral Reef Task Force.” The Heritage Foundation claims the number to be priceless as the lavish excursion cost so much it was split over multiple agencies to cover the price tag.

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The government managed to spend an astonishing $680 billion more than it earned in the year 2013.  Of course for normal American’s the simple solution would be to stop spending the money you don’t have, but apparently this isn’t an option for Obama and his administration.


They did place a band aid over the gushing corroded of America’s deficit managing to save the country $1.012 trillion, an improved 13 percent from 4 years ago.  But it’s not enough as Obama has convinced Congress to give him yet another $45 billion to spend in his budget.

Federal budget expert of the Heritage Foundation, Romina Boccia says that “America’s younger generations will get stuck with the tab in the future on a national debt tab that already exceeds $17 trillion.”

A more complete list of wasteful government spending can be found here in Senator Tom Coburn’s 2013 Wastebook.

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We all know Obama doesn’t care about the economy as his promise for change—as well as any and all other promises he has made—continue to fall flat.  Is he just biding his time waiting to hand the problem he has created to someone else, or are these expenditures not really his fault?

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