Teen Girls’ Basketball Game Erupts in Sucker Punch Fight

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A girl’s basketball game turned violent when a teen from an inner city South Bend, Indiana, basketball team sucker punched a suburban player from the opposing team.

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During the game between South Bend’s Washington High School and a team from rural Oregon-Davis High School, O-D player Lexi Minix (sheese what a name!) gave a Washington player a bit of a shove after a close play.

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The black Washington player ran back at Minix, who had turned her head, and sucker punched her in the head causing the white teen to fall stunned to the floor.

Naturally the whole game ground to a stop as coaches and officials stepped out to begin the process of determining what to do.

Naturally, because we live in a Twitter age, the battle on the court migrated to Twitter as Lexi Minix’ cousin–who was in attendance–began trash talking Washington High school, the officiating of the game, and the school’s coaching staff.

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Kelsey Minix also began to trash talk WNBA basketball star Skylar Diggins, a Washington alumnus who was in attendance to have her jersey retired at the school. Unsurprisingly, Diggins replied to Minix’ Tweets.

Minix accused Diggins of screaming profanities during the game and verbally attacking the O-D players. For her part, Diggins didn’t actually deny it, either.

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