State Of California Orders Church To Remove “Support Our Troops” Billboard

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The good ol’ “tolerant” state of California is at it again, this time compensating for those that apparently do not support American soldiers.  Nevada County has ordered the church to remove a sign with a flag across it reading “support our troops,” and threatened that if the church did not comply, they would cut it down and charge the church for doing so.


The Simple Truth Church didn’t think anything of it when they placed up a sign over a 20-year-old, faded realty sign in order to “beautify,” the area.  In a mixed effort to advertise the church and remind every day, drivers by to think about our troops, they believed the sign to be an innocent gesture.

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Well, according to Nevada County officials, there have been a few complaints about the sign and its message.  Although most people seem to appreciate the sign, or at least don’t find anything wrong with it, there were one or two to complain.

And of course, in effort to be thoughtful of everyone’s belief, the liberal state has made a clear stand against the majority.

One member of the church, Julia Stokes, stated, “It’s a little surprising. All we meant to do was beautify the area, the corner, and it’s a reminder for me — for everyone that drives by — to pray for the troops.”  And as her husband Bill stood there dumfounded he wondered, “Why would you knock something that has an America flag on it that says ‘Support Our Troops?’ I have no idea; I really don’t.”

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Now although the sign was put up a mere three weeks ago, and has already contributed to the church’s growth, officials are telling the church that they are in violation of county code. They told the Simple Truth Church that in order for a sign like that to be placed, the church would have needed a permit beforehand.

Julia also told reporters that, “People just drive by and love it. There have been four new people come to our church because of that sign.” And even though the sign appears to be doing more good than bad, Bill states, “If we don’t do anything, they may come out and cut the sign down. And, we would have to pay for them to cut the sign down, which seems to be pretty harsh.”

As the church continues to leave the sign up for as long as possible, they are scheduled to, “meet with the county sometime next week to determine exactly what will be done with the sign.”

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It should also be noted that, “the previous realty sign stood for nearly 20 years without any permit issues.”

How does this make you guys feel—is it a legitimate concern, or just more bureaucratic liberal nonsense? Let us know in a comment below?

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