VIDEO released of Zimmerman’s Girlfriend Claiming He Chocked Her, Pointed Gun at Her

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Video has been released of George Zimmerman’s girlfriend telling police how he threatened her with a shotgun and chocked her.

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The Florida States Attorney’s office has released the video of investigators grilling Zimmerman paramour Samantha Scheibe when she initially claimed in November he threatened her and chocked her. The woman later disavowed her claims and changed her story.

Video from the Florida States Attorney’s Office shows Samantha Scheibe demonstrating how she claimed George Zimmerman threatened her with a shotgun.

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In the video, Scheibe, 27, is seen telling her story without prompting or guidance by investigators even showing police how Zimmerman supposedly aimed his shotgun at her.

The woman claimed she and Zimmerman were having an argument and that she was kicking him out of her home so he began to pack his things including some of his firearms.

“As I started to move his stuff out, he got agitated. He went to the rifle bag, he unlocked it, immediate pulled out the first gun in the bag, which is on top, which is the Kel-Tec,” she told the detective on the video.

“He pointed it at me for a second and said ‘Do you really want to do this?’ Because I’d told him that I’d call the cops. He was trying to scare me out of not calling,” she said.

George Zimmerman was arrested for threatening her with a gun and for other violent gestures but only a week after this taped interrogation, Scheibe changed her story causing authorities to drop all charges.

George Zimmerman and girlfriend Samantha Scheibe leaving the police station after her recantation.

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Scheibe later claimed that she was just angry and looking for a way to hurt him and that all her claims of Zimmerman attacking her and pointing guns at her were not true.

The woman also wrote a note to authorities saying, “I do not want George Zimmerman charged.”

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