What could Miley Have Licked Now That Has People Questioning Her Sexuality?

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Well, Miley just can’t seem to contain herself as an appropriate adult human being.  She recently released a new photo showing herself licking another woman’s tongue behind the gay pride symbol of a rainbow.

The singer who has seemed to jump off the deep end as of late, continues her clueless controversy forgetting she is the role model of countless young ladies.  In her latest publicity stunt, she released a picture on Twitter sitting next to Victoria’s Secret model, Cara Delevinge—which would have been fine if not for what the two were doing.


The two managed to cozy up next to each other, open their mouths and hang out their tongues in order to simulate them sharing a sloppy kiss.  Whoever took to pic managed to get the two just as they touched tongues.

An even stranger quality of the picture is the fact that she edited a rainbow into the pic overlaying the two in their seemingly homosexual pose.  Many people are left wondering if there is a deeper meaning to the picture and the rainbow, or if Miley is just acting crude as ever for another dose of publicity.

Let us know what you guys think in a comment below—who wishes Miley would just keep her tongue to herself?

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