Now Dead Bank Robber & Cop Killer Threatened to ‘Blow Obama’s Brains Out’

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The man who led police on a more than one thousand mile chase from Georgia to Arizona has been killed by Phoenix police. During his crime spree he robbed several banks and killed one policeman and now news has emerged that in 2011 he was convicted of threatening to shoot President Obama in the head.

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Mario Edward Garnett, 40, is reported as being the man behind the crime spree that started in Atlanta, Georgia and ended with his death in a shootout with police in Phoenix, Arizona.

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The criminal’s end was almost accidental, too. It just so happened that when he was robbing the bank in Phoenix, a police officer was only blocks away on another call. He responded quickly and was there soon enough to stop the criminal from fleeing. A shoot out ensued ending in Garnett’s death.

As we learn more about the criminal, it turns out that Garnett was once arrested by the Secret Service for threatening to kill President Obama.

In 2010, Garnett wrote a threat on the White House website saying, “If you order a strike on Iran, I’m going to come up there and blow your brains out on national TV.”

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In 2011 Garnett was convicted of issuing threats to the president and sentenced to eight months in federal prison, given three years of supervised release, and ordered to get mental health treatment. He was also deemed mentally unfit to own a gun.

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