Massive Manhunt Ends With The Death Of A “Cop Killer”

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A man that sent police on a massive manhunt across the country was finally killed on Sunday after attempting to rob a bank in Arizona.

The manhunt began for Mario Edward Garnett, 40, after he robbed a bank in Atlanta, Georgia.  Later that same day, Garnett drove to a different bank in Tupelo, Mississippi where he robbed it, and shot and killed a police officer upon leaving.

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Driving almost an entire 1,900 miles from his first robbery, Garnett made his way to Phoenix, Arizona, as police continued the manhunt searching as far as Chicago, Illinois.


After robbing his third and final bank, he exited the bank with money in hand firing at police officers.  A nearby detective heard the call and rushed over.  When there, Garnett attempted to make a run for it where he was shot in the upper torso by the detective.

The FBI reports that this was the same man who robbed both previous banks and killed the police officer.

However, this isn’t the first run in with authorities that Garnett has had.  He was arrested in 2010 after he made very public threats to the president.  Posting on the White House’s website, Garnett wrote, “If you order a strike on Iran, I’m going to come up there and blow your brains out on national TV.”

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He was arrested where he admitted to everything.  After pleading guilty to the threats, he was sentenced to eight months in federal prison with the condition that he would get mental help upon his release.

After doing so, his supervised release lasted three years and ended this July.

Garnett was not allowed to own a gun, but surveillance cameras caught him with one in all of his robberies.  I wonder what gun grabbers would say seeing no matter how strict the gun laws are, people like Garnett always seem to get their hands on one.

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