Connecticut Forcing Insurance Companies to Fund Sex Change Surgery

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As the nation finds out what’s in Obamacare–as Rep. Nancy Pelosi infamously said–one new report from Connecticut notes that insurance companies are being forced to fund sex change operations in the Nutmeg State.

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That isn’t all. Connecticut’s state insurance department is also demanding that all health insurance policies contain coverage for hormone therapy and mental health counseling for gender reassignment.

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The Hartford Courant reports that the state has issued a bulletin to state insurance companies demanding that providers ensure that “individuals with gender dysphoria…are not denied access to medically necessary care because of the individual’s gender identity or gender expression.”

Deputy insurance Commissioner Anne Melissa Dowling, the paper reported, said the state intends to “go out and affirmatively make [the new policy] very clear.”

“As we were turning the corner into the new year, we just wanted to make sure every constituency was clearly heard,” Dowling said.

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Naturally, a gay advocacy group thinks this is a “a significant step forward.”

Zack Paakkonen, an attorney with the Gay & Lesbian Advocates & Defenders (GLAD), a Boston-based advocacy group, was happy that people with the gender disorder called “gender dysphoria” would now be allowed to get treatment paid for by insurance.

“In some cases, transgender individuals would try to get coverage for this treatment and be categorically denied … which led to people paying out of pocket or forgoing their treatment altogether,” Paakkonen said to the media.

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Connecticut is not be the only state moving toward this sort of mandated coverage. Others have already done so. You’ll also see in the video above, for instance, that Oregon’s healthcare commissioner has already demanded that insurance companies in that state cover sex changes.

Also a recent report in the Federal Times noted that President Obama may be moving toward forcing every insurance company in the country to provide such coverage by including the demand in the national Obamacare law.

What do you think? Should insurance rates be forced upward for everyone so that people with “gender issues” should be mandated to get coverage? Tell us your concerns in our comments section.

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