Mother Poisons Daughter, Drugs Other 3 Children And Stabs Their Father On Christmas

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Nothing says Christmas like the attempted murder of your four children right? Well apparently that’s the memo one mother got when she tried to overdose her children with narcotics, and stab their father as well as herself on Christmas day.

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Arizona mom, Connie Villa, 35, is yet to explain her actions after attempting to kill all four of her children succeeding with the oldest.  After poisoning her children, she lured her ex-husband, and father of the kids to her house where she was waiting knife in hand.


Upon arriving to the house, she stabbed her ex, Adam Villa who immediately left the house and his children with his crazed knife wielding ex-wife. From the car he called police as he drove himself to the hospital.

Police quickly showed up and forced their way into the residence where they found Connie standing by three of her children bleeding with the knife to her chest.  Blood ran down her body from an apparent self-inflicted knife wound.  After subduing the woman, police found the oldest child, Aniarael Macias, 13, lying on the bathroom floor.


As the other children appeared in stable condition, they attended to the girl whom they found to be dead.

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The whole family was taken to a hospital where the mother was treated for her wounds.  Testing later showed that the children had trace amounts of opiates in their systems—proof that the mother wasn’t done after killing her oldest.

An autopsy was completed on Aniarael but proved to be inconclusive.  A toxicology report is underway but could take two to three weeks to receive the results.

In the meantime the family has released a statement saying:

“On behalf of Michael Macias, Ania’s father, Vera Macias, Ania’s grandmother and extended family, we request that the focus of this tragedy be a celebration of our precious Ania’s life. She was a gentle, kind and beautiful spirit who was taken from us much too soon. Michael and his family are heartbroken. Ania was always smiling. She loved her brothers and sisters. She enjoyed spending time with her father and sister Gaby. We are writing this statement in hopes that the media and other outlets will allow Michael and our family to grieve peacefully. We thank everyone for the outpouring of support for our family. We appreciate your prayers and positive thoughts. We pray that justice will be served.”

Members of the community, and people who have come in contact with the mother and daughter are completely shocked. Ana Mollet, a member of Mothers Of Preschoolers, says she knows Connie through the group.  She even explained that, “I met her at one of the meetings. And just before school started she was looking for someone to give her daughters rides after school.”


Ana conveyed that she volunteered and after getting to know Aniarael, she described her, “as a fun-loving young lady and she really loved her brothers and sisters.”

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What could ever possess a mother to harm her child?  Let us know what you think of Connie in a comment below.

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