Obamacare Reports Net Loss Of 3 Million Insured Americans

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As Obama continues to limp around after shooting himself in the foot with Obamacare, the bad news keeps coming.  According to a new, early morning report, Obamacare has only been able to secure 1.1 Million “enrollees” through healthcare.gov.

Now of course the report was given at 6 in the morning so that not too many people could question the “facts,” but when all is said and done, using their numbers, Obamacare has left over 3 million people uninsured.

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Between both the Federal and State sign ups, people enrolling in Obamacare actually total somewhere around 2 million people.  That being said, it falls around 1 million short of their “definite” goal of 3.3 million enrollees.

Using the number provided by the Obama administration—that have proven with almost a 100% accuracy rate to be false—they are still 3 million short from covering those that lost insurance because of Obamacare.  Now, correct me if I’m wrong here but wasn’t Obamacare supposed to help people with the insurance needs? Instead, knowing full well the fatal flaws in the program, Obama’s administration rammed their political agenda down America’s throat.

This of course could prove to be an even bigger number should to enrollee count represent those that all picked a plan off the website. You see, enrollees aren’t really enrollees until after they make their first payment and receive a welcome packet.  But the Obama administration likes to—and already has in the past–use the bigger number to fluff their despicable numbers as much as possible.

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Now a lot of speculation has gone into all things Obamacare, and even the newest numbers they are providing, but one thing seems to stick out.  If these numbers are true, what are the effects going to be long term?

Depending on the age and condition of enrollees, Obamacare could prove to be even more ineffective at saving Americans money.  The Obama administration were thrilled to see that the enrollee rate jumped through the roof totaling 975,000 just within the past month.  But who are these people?–Probably people with conditions that are in need of current treatment or elderly folk.

In other words, the only people signing up for Obamacare are the people that make rates jump through the roof, so guess what? We already know the Affordable Care Act is anything but affordable, but in a year or two people will be going into foreclosure just to keep up on insurance costs.

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The statement release by the White House didn’t mention the 3 million that lost health insurance because of Obamacare, or the 3.1 million kids allowed to stay on their parent’s insurance plans longer.  The “net” numbers could be a little more ridiculous, but as the Obama administration likes to keeps those cards close to their chest, its hard telling.

We’re just hoping that this house of cards collapses before the rates jump and Democrats are voted in for another—although probably their last—term.  So as Obama licks his wounds on another multi-million, tax payer funded Hawaiian vacation, it’s no real wonder why he wants to run away and hide from it all. His approval rates have dropped to an all time low on account of Obamacare, and let’s just pray it his last vacation before this whole thing blows up in his face ending in the disgraceful impeachment he deserves.

What do you guys think—are they lying AGAIN? Even if they’re not, is this something to be proud of? Let us know in a comment below!

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