Feel Good Video Of The Year: Unsung Hero’s Caught Doing Selfless Heroic Acts

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A new video is going viral as people are calling it the feel good video of the year.  The video portrays several acts of heroism during the year 2013 by average people, all of which involve the saving of human life.

The video contains several different brave acts by people, but most of which seem to involve people at a train station.  Whether it was intentional—as some people are seen hopping down and lying on the train tracks—or accidental, bystanders fight for their fellow human beings lives.

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In several acts of kindness, bravery and heroism, people can be seen throwing care for their own life out the window in effort to save another.

The description of the video reads, “The ultimate measure of a man or woman is not where he or she stands in moments of comfort and convenience, but where he or she stands at times of challenge and controversy.”

It appears as if the heroic bystanders would rather die that live with knowing they could have done something more to save a life.  A particularly heart wrenching moment can be seen toward the end of the video.

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A baby is seen choking in a store where fellow customers step in to save the child.  As the father is seen frantically pacing out of panic, his nerves are finally settled when the man giving CPR to his child waves him over.  The child begins to move and the father thankfully hugs the man that saved his child’s life.

If placed in a situation like these would you be able to risk your own life to save a complete stranger’s?

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