GORY VIDEO: Terror Bombing Hits Russian Rail Station

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Only a few days after Christmas, terrorists bombed a railway station in the southern city if Volograd, Russia. Some reports say the attack was carried out by a female suicide bomber.

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The bombing killed some 16 citizens, authorities said. Another 50 were injured. Two young boys were among the victims.

The aftermath of the bombing.

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“A suicide bomber approaching a metal detector saw a policeman near it and, after growing nervous, set off an explosive device,” the Investigative Committee said in a statement.

Russian strongman Vladimir Putin issued his condolences and then sent a deputy prime minister, Olga Golodets, to the area to console the families of victims.

The covered bodies of victims of the blast..

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This attack comes just as Russia is gearing up for the Olympics.

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Female suicide bombers are not uncommon in Russia, apparently.

This all makes one wonder how safe the Olympics will be, doesn’t it? Tell us your thoughts below.

(Video courtesy of LiveLeak.com)

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