B-List Actor Calls LA Gov. Jindal ‘Dickbrain’ For Supporting ‘Duck Dynasty’ Star

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Gay British actor Alan Cumming, was not very happy with Louisiana Governor Bobby Jindal for coming to the support of Duck Dynasty star Phil Robertson. In fact, Cumming called Jindal a “dickbrain” for coming to Robertson’s support.

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Cumming, who starred in such massive, important cinematic hits as Spy Kids and Smurfs 2 and is now a bit player in the TV show The Good Wife, also noted that he wants to institute a “socialist utopia” in the USA.

Actor Alan Cummings.

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The homosexual British actor made these comments on his Twitter feed after he belatedly found out that Bobby Jindal came to Robertson’s support.

On his Twitter account, Cumming noted that Jindal said that the “left may control Hollywood, but not the hearts and minds of a majority of Americans.” Then the actor added, “Yet US voted left. Twice.” The actor added the hashtag “#dickbrain.”

Like most extremist, left-wingers, Cumming missed what really happened during America’s second opportunity to vote for Barack Obama. Even as too many fools voted for the Communist in Chief a second time, back home Democrats were getting voted out of office at a renewed rate.

The fact is, the Republican Party controls more state legislatures and more governor’s mansions than ever in recent history.

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So, my British actor friend, if the “US voted left,” why are Republicans in more control at the state level than they have been in decades?

Oh, but Cumming wasn’t done. This leftist went on in another Tweet to tell us all that he wants a “socialist utopia.”

Of course he does. He’s an ill-informed, gay, Hollyweird actor. He doesn’t think on his own. He’s a leftist automaton. Tell us your thoughts below.

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