VIDEO: Brooklyn Teens Coordinate Flash Mob to Terrorize Mall

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Teens used social media to orchestrate a swarm on a mall in southern Brooklyn, New York.

It started with a group of about 300 teens who attempted to “flash mob” the mall. Joli Chen, a worker at a beauty store, described the scene: “They tried to scare us,” Chen said. “They were cursing at us. The police tried to keep them moving but there were so many. And there are so many entrances, they kept coming back in.”

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A large group of teen girls reportedly began fighting each other over a shirt and a large “knockout” game broke out on the top floor of the mall. “You know they were playing the knockout game yesterday,” a mall employee told the New York Post. “People were getting really scared.”

One teen reportedly had a gun on hand. Teens also trashed stores, littered the concourses and stole things throughout the chaos. Many of the participants we’re seen banging on glass storefronts, and yelling or cursing at other shoppers.

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The rambunctious crowd turned what is usually a quiet mall into a terrifying place,” according to mall employee Charmaine Chen.

Mall employees rushed to quickly close stores but with hundreds of kids and not nearly enough security personnel little could be done to immediately control the situation. They called for back-up. When police began to arrive, it appears that they were outnumbered.

In the picture below, a young woman is attempting to take a swing at a police officer as he is holding another person down.

brookly mall mob

Another police officer was seen dragging a girl by her hair in order to pull her out of a fight. The girl was taken into custody but not arrested.

Eventually police were able to escort the nearly 300 teens out of the mall. After the chaos ended the mall stopped permitting minors under the age of 18 from entering unless they had a guardian with them. The new policy went into effect as some speculated that the teens would try to coordinate a follow-up mob attack on the mall.

Do you think the teens should have been arrested? What should police do to combat future instances of teens organizing violent mob attacks on social media?

Let us know what you think in the comments section below.

(H/T: DailyMail, NY Post)

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