WATCH: Conan O’Brien Releases Indisputable Proof That Mainstream Media Is Scripted

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Conan O’Brien recently had a segment on his late night talk show where he aired two videos demonstrating irrefutable proof that the mainstream media is scripted. The videos show countless anchors repeating the same lines over and over again almost to the point of viewers boredom.

O’Brien started off his segment by saying that there were a few main things the public were concerned with and considered “news” but wanted to bring up a point that literally no one was talking about.  Instead of explaining himself he just let the tapes roll and the issue bring itself up.

Two separate videos showing two different quotes and literally countless different anchors repeating the same line one right after another go to show the matter at hand.  O’Brien proves beyond a shadow of a doubt that the mainstream media is scripted and aired throughout all parts of the country.

But is this really an issue?

Ben Swann explains that it is by saying:

“In most of these cases where O’Brien uses anchors from different TV stations all over the country reading the exact same script word for word, the source of that script is some kind of wire service.  This means those stations have subscribed to AP, Reuters, CNN, FOX, ABC, NBC, etc wire services.  In those cases, the wire story will come down and a station reporter or producer will copy and paste it word for word into a newscast.  The problem with this policy is that reporters and producers simply take that content as gospel and no one in any newsroom ever bothers to fact check or verify if the wire story is correct.  Simply put, in a newsroom, if it is on the wire it has to be true.”

In other words, this mysterious “wire” has the ability to spread lies in the matter of a day—intentional or not–and if false information were put out there, it would thoughtlessly be broadcasted by multiple, unknowing new agencies.

It should be noted however that many new agencies are owned by the same owners and in effort to save time, news is sent down these, “wires.”  But if there were to be an instance of a more opinionated piece, the news would be portrayed from whichever side of the isle the writer was on.

Watch the other videos here:

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