WARNING: Graphic Video of Taliban Playing Soccer With Heads of Enemies

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WARNING: Do NOT click on the video above if these sorts of scenes sicken you. This video is extremely graphic.

Shocking new video has been released showing members of the Pakistani-supported Taliban kicking the severed heads of their enemies around like soccer balls. I guess this is how the Taliban celebrates Christmas.

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The video shows several young men proudly displaying the severed heads of their victims, one of which has been blasted open. Soon the men place the heads on the ground and start kicking them around as if they are soccer balls. These fellows are having a grand old time.

And a fun time was had by all local terrorists.

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The language being spoken in the video is being reported as Pashto, a dialect spoken by peoples near the Afghan-Pakistani border. So these are not Iranians or Arabs, or citizens of greater Afghanistan. These are the people being supported by Pakistani intelligence services and various Taliban groups and charged with spreading terrorism among the hills and mountains along the border of those two countries.

Totally appalling video. Tell us your thoughts below.

(H/T LiveLeak)

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