VIDEO: Woman Suffers Burns After Being Sprayed During Roadside Dispute

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Two women were recently caught on camera in a foreign country as a bit of road rage got the better of them.  A traffic camera—being operated by someone—angles downward to reveal a woman reaching into the driver’s side window spraying the driver’s face with an unknown substance.

The assailant had pulled her car in front of the other woman’s in effort to stop her from escaping.  The video shows the woman spraying an undisclosed substance in the face of the driver before reentering her vehicle and driving away.

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The victim is seen trying stop her assailant before she drives off, but wasn’t able to do so.  You can then see the woman becoming more and more uncomfortable as each excruciating second passes.  Her hands are seen flapping in the air as the woman can hardly stand the pain.


The operator of the camera then swings it around to show the assailant driving off.

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The doctor who tended to the victim informed reporters that she, “had acute poisoning from an unknown gas and first degree burns to her face.”

Although it seems like the woman was hosed down with pepper spray, it is unclear that this was the case.

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