Police Tasers Couldn’t Stop This Meth Head Masturbator

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An Oregon man went on a drug fueled escapade that ended in him being Tased several times.  Unfortunately for police, the Taser did have an effect on the man, on account of the drugs, and they ended up needing 15 officers to successfully subdue and arrest the man.

It all started when Oregon resident, Andrew Frey decided to ingest an unknown amount of methamphetamines.  It is unclear if Frey was already high on drugs when he decided to do so, although one could assume that he was.

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Police started receiving reports of a man acting strangely after calling a locksmith and refusing to pay for services rendered.  He then walked off and made his way to a gas station with a convenience store attached.  After bumming around for a while, the attendant had no choice but to shoo the man out of the store.

Wandering down the street just a little more, Frey stumbled into Iggy’s Bar & Grill.  After hopping onto a bar stool, he lowered his pants, exposing himself and began to masturbate.  The police were immediately called, but by the time they arrived, Frey had made his way into the bathroom.

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The first police officer on site went into the bathroom where Frey was reported to have resisted arrest several times.  After several warnings, the officer had no choice but to discharge his Taser.  Shockingly however—no pun intended–the Taser didn’t seem to have an effect on the meth head.

After sending millions of countless volts through the man’s body and being unsuccessful in subduing the man, the officer asked for backup.

At least 15 different officers from three other police units rushed to the aide of the officer.

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There, the army of officers were able to arrest the man and haul him off to jail where he was charged with public indecency, resisting arrest and theft.

After some time had passed, and the effects of the drugs on Frey were able to wear off, he was surprised to find himself behind bars.  He claims to have no knowledge of the night or its events.

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