‘Duck Dynasty’ Star Phil Robertson Buys Wife a Wedding Ring for Christmas

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Phil Robertson has been married to his “Miss Kay” for almost 50 years, but at last he has given her that one symbol of wedded bliss; a wedding ring. That was Phil’s Christmas gift to his bride.

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Phil Robertson and Kay got married in 1966 but he never gave her a ring. Of course, when they first wed, the couple led a hand-to-mouth existence. Now, almost 50 years later, Robertson finally made good on his promise to give her a ring.

Miss Kay shows off her new wedding ring.

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The Robertsons announced the gift via Twitter, sending out the above picture to fans.

Of course, Robertson is in the news for comments he made during an interview with GQ magazine where he paraphrased the Bible’s proscription against homosexual behavior–not gays, but what they do. Robertson went on to note that he loves humanity and that it is up to god to judge, not him.

But as is typical, liberals are constantly mischaracterizing what Robertson said, saying that placing homosexuality (the act, not the people) on a list of sins such as bestiality and adultery. The left continues to claim that Robertson “compared” them or “likened” these acts as one and the same. He did not.

The happy couple.

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Listing the act of homosexuality along with adultery and bestiality does not mean they are all equal or somehow “the same.” It is merely listing them. A list of books, for instance, would not imply all the books are each as good as the next. A list of colors does not mean that red is “just like” green.

A list is a list, not necessarily a “likening.”

The only question I have is why did a guy that made millions of dollars with a duck call business twenty years ago wait so long to buy his wife a wedding ring?

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