Black Panther Leader: Obama Is A Fraud And “Not Even The President”

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An ex-Black Panther leader is coming out to inform the public that Obama is a liar, a fraud, and actually, not our President.

Former member and leader of the Black Panther party, Larry Pinkney recently went on Carl Gallups’ program on WEBY radio to speak about Obama.

Diving right into the matter, Pinkney tells Gallups that Obama is a liar, a “fraud” and even goes as far to say that he is “not even the President.”  He was implying that instead he was a pawn used in a hidden political agenda meant to separate the people.

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He explains that so much of the Obama administration’s activity is shielded being labeled classified under national security.  Pinkney conveys that Obama is not only a warmonger, but the fact that he supports the massive NSA surveillance, proves that he cares for nothing more than his own political—and personal—agenda.

Pinkney tells Gallups that, “Barack Obama doesn’t even know the definition of truth. Barack Obama does not know what truth means. Barack Obama only knows what Barack Obama means. What that means to him is that any way and anything that he can bamboozle or hoodwink the people.”

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This of course sent Gallups on a full on rant against Obama unleashing anything and everything corrupt about Obama that came to mind. Gallops conveys that according to his own personal belief, Obama suffers from, “some real, deep, psychological problems, is a narcissist to the nth degree cannot tell the truth and his life is shrouded in nuances.”

Continuing the point that Obama seems to shroud the truth surrounding controversies such as, “Benghazi, the NSA spying, Fast and Furious, the FBI and [Obama’s] ‘whole background, every bit of it, locked down.’”

We already know the lengths to which this administration will go in order to get their way, and as more and more come out, the scarier this seems to get. We also know that Obama is a sociopath but how do you guys feel about the amount of secrecy surrounding Obama’s presidency?

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