Retired U.S. General Destroys Obama Criticizing His “Amateur” Leadership

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America has steadily lost her footing, both as an authority figure and supporter of good, in the Middle East since Obama has assumed his position in the White House.  A retired U.S. General is calling out Obama on his terrible leadership labeling his as an “amateur” while praising Russian President Vladimir Putin as true “professional.”

It should be no surprise that the man taking up arms against the President is retired U.S. Maj. Gen. Paul Vallely.  This isn’t his first rodeo with the Commander-in-Chief as he has spoken out against Obama on several occasions about different issues.

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This time, Vallely is attacking Obama’s weak foreign policy and accusing the President himself of being an “amateur.”  He even goes as far to praise Putin as he continues to make the right decisions, as well as embarrass Obama, calling him a “professional.”

It’s no new news that Obama and Putin don’t see eye to eye on everything, and at one point Putin had even declared not to speak to Obama on anything outside of their leadership roles due to his incompetency.  Putin then put the nail in Obama’s coffin, demonstrating he was a superior leader when he embarrassed the Obama administration by fixing the crisis in Syria all the while avoiding war—the main point Obama was trying to push.

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The retired General began by explaining that, “Russian decision-makers admit that they are making a conscious choice to reengage in the Middle East following years of a more passive policy.”

Now since before the Arab Spring, a series of protests and demonstrations—with occasional violence—in order to shift the Arab world toward democracy, Russia has been trying to get reinvolved in the Middle East. Vallely states that Russia has been looking for a way to express, “its interests in these regions and began strengthening with these countries military-technical, economic, and trade cooperation.” Obama’s weak foreign policy has provided the perfect opportunity for Putin and Russia to move forward.

Vallely went on to mention Obama’s failure to intervene during Egypt’s past years of civil war and uprising.  He claims this, “allowed Russia to provide $2 billion in military reinforcements as well as, a stronger influence in the Middle East.”

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Continuing his point, Vallely notes that, ““Russia and Egypt will work quickly to fully enact the military pact,” providing an even bigger influence in the region.

Russia currently has strong relations with Egypt, Libya, Jordan, and now, Syria.

Let us know what you guys think about Obama’s foreign policy in a comment below.  Do you see any future problem arising from his nonchalant attitude on the matter?

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