Greta Van Susteren: Obama Makes You “Want To Slit Your Throat”

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Right before Obama left for his multi-million dollar, 17 day, tax payer funded Hawaii vacation, he was obligated to hold an end of the year press conference.  As Obama dragged his feet, pouting through his interview, it was quite clear that the President’s brain was already in Hawaii.  Greta Van Susteren event went as far to say that when watching the president, “You almost want to slit your throat, it was so depressing.”

Greta Van Susteren recently went on ABC’s “This Week,” with George Stephanopoulos in order to discuss not only President Obama’s end of the year speech, but his presidency within the last year as a whole.  She was joined by a panel of four other speakers that consisted of a wide variety of political views.

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When asked about Obama’s end of the year press conference, Van Susteren brought up the fact that throughout the past year, Obama has lost not only his approval but his charisma.  She claimed that Obama’s most “powerful weapon is his ability to inspire,” which she goes on to mention that he has lost.


Setting the atmosphere for her next bold statement, she mentions that during the conference, Obama seemed to “suck the air out of the room.”  Noting the careless attitude of the president, she stated that, “You almost want to slit your throat, it was so depressing.”

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Of course, Obama claims that he will be excited to get back to all the problems that stand today after a few days of sleep and sun.  Good thing he has such a longstanding track record for fixing America’s problems, otherwise we might not believe him.

What do you guys think of Greta Van Susteren’s comments—too harsh or just right?

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