Is Phil Robertson Suing A&E?

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The battle continues for the Duck Dynasty family, and their “patriarch,” Phil Robertson.  As millions of Americans stand behind the reality TV star, not only for his remarks about his religion and homosexuality but also his right to express those beliefs, it appears as if the family is at a crossroads.  Will Phil Robertson sue A&E for his termination—and violation of rights—because of his beliefs?

We all know there was a clear violation of rights when A&E “indefinitely suspended,” or better known as fired, Phil Robertson after expressing his belief that homosexuality is a sin.  The question that remains at hand however, is if they had the right to do so.

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The freedom of speech and religion protects you from the government but not necessarily your employer.  If you were to speak out against the company you work for, it would be no wonder why they would want to distance themselves from you.  Being that Duck Dynasty is a “reality” TV show though, you would think the family would have the right to express what they thought and believed in the way they saw fit.

As this may be the case, cast members of the show have also come out to inform the public that everything they see on the show isn’t exactly true.  For instance, some of the family spoke out about producers telling the family to stop praying because it was offending Muslims and editors would even go as far as to “beep” out words in effort to make it seem that the family uses obscene language.

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Anyhow, many of Robertson’s supporters have urged him and his family to take up a lawsuit not only because they deserve to, but to make a stand for Christianity.

It wouldn’t be the first time that an employee has sued—and won—their employer because of a violation of their freedom of religion.  For instance, a Muslim woman working for Abercrombie and Fitch was ordered to remove her hijab, or head scarf.  When she didn’t comply the store fired her.

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She eventually filed a lawsuit stating that the, “hijab was part of her Muslim religion, and removing it violated federal anti-discrimination guidelines.”

It seems that anytime, court is brought into the equation, as it is a governmental institution, there would be no way they could rule against people claiming their rights were being violated–within reason of course.  If the constitution were to protect rights from the government, it now becomes bigger than just the employee and employer.

What do you guys think—should Robertson sue A&E?

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