Police Execute Puppy After Barking Complaint Shooting It Eight Times

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A woman’s day came crashing down after returning home from work to find out her puppy had been shot and killed by police.  The dog had been left with the woman’s grandfather where police responded to a dog barking complaint.  Once there, police shot the dog 8 times reporting the dog was becoming aggressive—a claim eyewitnesses dispute.

It all started when Brittany Preston left her puppy, Lexie, with her grandfather and went to work.  As it turns out, Preston’s grandpa suffers from dementia.  So after letting the dog out to use the bathroom, when it came time to let the puppy back in, her grandfather didn’t put two and two together to go get Lexie.

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The dog was apparently outside staring at the door for a couple hours where once in a while, she would let out a bark to remind Preston’s grandfather to let her back in—a reminder that cost Lexie her life.  Neighbors eventually—and understandably—got upset and called police in order to see why the dog was barking for so long.



Just as police had pulled up, Preston’s grandfather was opening the door to let Lexie in when she got distracted by officers.  She then started barking at the police—a sign police officers took as a threat and opened fire.

Really? Who hasn’t been barked at by a dog?

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The police report states that after “hours” of trying to get the dog to comply, it got fed up and became agitated.  The dog got more and more aggressive until it finally “attacked.” Police had no choice but to defend themselves and put the puppy down firing 8 rounds into her.

Eyewitnesses however share a different story. They say that police grew impatient while working with the dog, and in effort to more quickly resolve the situation shot Lexie as she cowered in a corner, scared by police.

Preston claims that there was no reason for this as, “Lexie was friendly, loveable, playful.” She explains that, “Eight shots in my dog is just horrendous,” and that, “what they did was very inhumane.”

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She ends up suggesting that police, “could sedate dogs and find out who their owners are, instead of killing them and worrying about it later,”—a reasonable solution as police claim they were working with Lexie for “hours.”

Animal control was on the scene, and they would have had more than enough time to retrieve a sedative for the dog.  I’ll bet the police felt pretty proud of themselves after shooting a puppy and then lying to justify their actions.

If you would like to see police gruesomely drag Lexie into a truck after shooting her you can watch the video below (GRAPHIC):

What do you guys think of these police officers?

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