50-Year-Old Obese Officer Arrested After Threatening And Forcing A Woman To Have Sex With Him

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A St. Louis police officer is under arrest after reports have come to light that he threatened a woman with jail time if she did not have sex with him.

On November 10th, 50 year old Timothy Jones pulled over a 24 year old woman under the suspicion that she was driving drunk.  In order to prove that the woman was intoxicated, he forced her to take a field sobriety test which is when Jones got the leverage he needed.

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He then threatened the woman with jail time for the DWI if she would not perform sexual acts on the man. According to reports, he then drove the compliant woman to an isolated area where he made sure she completed her end of the blackmailed agreement.   She reportedly performed “several sexual acts,” in accordance to Jones’ demands.

After the deed was done, the two parted ways, but the woman had left her cell phone in Jones’ cruiser.  After returning home, she informed her mother what had happened.

A short while later, the phone was found and a different officer was placed in charge of returning the possession to the woman.  Instead of reaching the woman however, police got a hold of her mother who spilled the beans about the events of that night.

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An investigation was opened into Jones which eventually led to his arrest and conviction.

There have been no reports of any other occurrences similar to this one in regards to ex-officer Jones however, it is doubtful that this was the first time he acted in such a way.   But because he stands behind that blue line, I’m sure St. Louis Police are doing their best to make sure any other incidents don’t see the light of day. We wouldn’t want any more tarnish on their badges, would we?

Filming Cops brings up a good point when encouraging readers to:

“Imagine what would happen to a citizen if he walked outside with a loaded pistol, approached a woman, and threatened to kidnap her and lock her in a cage unless she gave him sexual favors.”

Prosecutors were pushing for the man to spend 4 years behind bars but were only able to convict the man sentencing him to 1.

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Threatening a woman with imprisonment and effectively raping her only justifies one year locked up? The benefits of having brothers in blue I suppose.

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