Justin Bieber Announces Retirement In Christmas Tweet

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During the midst of all the Christmas chaos, Justin Bieber took to Twitter in order to let everyone know that he was retiring.  This of course brought a few “beliebers” to tears, but most of the adult population, that turn the radio station when his trash comes on, were ecstatic.

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He had been talking about taking a break now that his world tour had concluded and even mentioned retirement on a radio talk show segment.  The first tweet was short and sweet where he stated:


The dreams that the nuisance would soon cease to be were quickly squashed however when he released a second tweet.  This one had the adverse effect of the first reading:


He claimed that being a “belieber” is a lifestyle and that, unfortunately, he is never “leaving you.”

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Further twisting the knife into the heart of critics, he threw one last tweet out there saying:


Now I’m sure Justin Bieber is a faithful and devout Christian –wink, wink—but why would you manage to capitalize Christ, but not God?

Anyways, Bieber turned tears of joy into tears of outrage announcing, “IM HERE FOREVER.”

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Of course, many people are puzzled why the singer would even put on such a show.  Some are however speculating that it is just a stunt meant to gain publicity for his upcoming documentary release.

Did this make you, excited, scared, or couldn’t you have cared less?  Let us know in a comment below!

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