Obama’s Judicial Appointments Called Racist By Black Civil Rights Activists

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African American leaders in Georgia and Washington DC are criticizing President Obama’s judicial picks saying that the President’s choices are anti-civil rights and favor of voter ID laws. Worse, they say, not enough of the judicial picks are black.

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Such well-known civil rights activist as Rep. John Lewis and Reverend Joseph Lowery, along with Georgia Rep. David Scott attacked the nominees as unacceptable for the black community.

Rev. Joseph Lowery slams the Obama administration for improper judicial nominees.

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Rep. Lewis spoke recently at the historic Ebenezer Church in Atlanta, Georgia saying that Obama’s judicial picks were a slap in the face to blacks.

Congressman Scott agreed hyperbolically saying that Martin Luther King, Jr. himself would tell Obama not to make these appointments.

For his part, Rev. Lowrey tried to criticize the president while at the same time trying not to do so saying that it was advisers that let the president down.

“We recognize that somebody in his administration has done him a disservice in giving him these names and he made a mistake in accepting them,” Lowery said of the president on CNN.

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This is typical of the free pass that Obama constantly gets in the media. It’s never his fault, apparently. Now, if Lowery were criticizing a white president he’d be laying the entire failure at that man’s feet. Instead, Obama gets a pass as Lowery pretends Obama is innocent and the blame belongs on the heads of shadowy, unnamed advisers.

Still, it is interesting to see the first black president attacked by black leaders for his not giving them enough goodies.Tell us your thoughts in the comments.

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