Watch as Store Clerk Disarms Robber Then Chases Him From Store

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A would-be robber got more than he bargained for when he ran up against a PO’d store clerk at a convenience store in Sandusky, Ohio. The robber turned into the victim as the store clerk disarmed him and ran him out of the store!

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At 11 PM, the punk came barreling into the Convenience Food Mart at 1917 E. Perkins Ave. in Sandusky, Ohio. He started waving around a semi-automatic pistol and demanded money.

But clerk Marc Alvarez was in no mood to play games with an armed robber.

Store clerk Marc Alvarez tries to talk the robber down.

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Alzarez said that he began to stall the robber because he was worried about his female co-worker who was in the office area of the store.

“My main priority at the time was to keep my co-worker who was with me safe and out of the way,” Alvarez told the media.

The video shows that Alvarez made one furtive attempt to grab the gun but failed the first time. Then the clerk came out from behind the counter and tried to talk the crook out of the robbery. Soon the robber is seen hitting the clerk in the head with his gun attempting to force him to open the cash register.

Talk having failed, Alvarez tries to disarm the crook.

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Alvarez kept talking and eventually got his chance to strike back. The punk never pulled the trigger, fortunately, but Alvarez was able to beat the criminal down and disarm him. Alvarez then chased him out of the store using the crook’s own gun to do so.

Police arrived on the scene not long after but the robber got away… without his gun.

The clerk victoriously chases the would-be robber out of the store with his own gun!

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Alvarez said the robber was a black male about 6 feet tall, weighing perhaps 220 pounds. He wore a black hooded sweatshirt, tan sweat pants and a black ski mask.

The man had a light, scruffy beard and spoke with a deep, gravelly voice, Alvarez said.

Marc Alvarez was very lucky that the punk never pulled that trigger, isn’t he? Tell us your thoughts below.

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