‘Duck Dynasty’ Stars Risking $500 Million Empire

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Bloomberg is reporting that the Duck Dynasty empire amounts to some $500 million and if the show doesn’t come back on the air this could all be at risk of disappearing. But, is the money really a concern to the Robertsons? It sure doesn’t seem so.

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Regardless, for Bloomberg, its all about the money. The December 23 article does a good job detailing where all the money is coming from in the Duck Dynasty franchise, but family patriarch Phil Robertson, Bloomberg says, put it all at risk with his comments about homosexuality made in an interview with GQ magazine.

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Naturally, like nearly every other left leaning media outlet, Bloomberg mischaracterizes Robertson’s comments. As Bloomberg explains it, Robertson got in trouble for, “telling GQ magazine that homosexuals were akin to adulterers, the greedy, drunkards and swindlers and would not ‘inherit the kingdom of God.'”

This is simply a lie that keeps getting repeated over and over again. Robertson did not say that homosexuals were “akin” to anything, he didn’t say they were “just like” anything, and didn’t “compare” them to bestiality or anything else. What Robertson did was place homosexuality (the act, not the people) on a list of sins as defined by the Bible. A listing is not a “likening.”

Think of it this way. On a list of crimes you’d see both murder and petty theft. But no one says murder is “just like” petty theft. No one would think they are equal in severity. Listing things does not mean they are of necessity equivalent to each other.

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But there is another thing going on here. To the Robertson family, who before the TV show came calling were already millionaires from their hunting equipment business, are obviously more interested in their principles than in more money from any Duck Dynasty empire.

The fact that the family quickly closed ranks around Phil shows that the TV show could go on or stop on a dime as far as they are concerned. But they won’t compromise their Christian principles for any TV show.

Whether you agree with the Robertsons’ Christian principles or not, they deserve kudos for standing up for their beliefs even if it costs them money–maybe even especially if it will cost them money.

Obviously millions of Americans agree with the clan. After all, the shows see some 14.6 million viewers each airing! That is more than most whole cable networks get in an entire day of programing!!

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Mere money will not deter the Robertson family from staying true to Christ.

It is truly inspiring.

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