Twitter Blocks Tweets for Phil Robertson’s Website

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For much of the day on Monday, December 23, Twitter was blocking supporters of Duck Dynasty Phil Robertson when they tried to add links to the Robertson’s website. Twitter has not explained why.

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During Monday, December 23, Twitter users were finding that their links to Robertson’s petition website were being blocked and marked as spam by Twitter. When Twitter users tried to Tweet the website address for the petition site they found they were unable to do so.

As the hashtag #IStandWithPhil (and alternately the longer #IStandWithPhilRobertson) have been trending on Twitter for the better part of a week since the controversy erupted, the Robertson’s Twitter fans have been trying to raise support for their favorite Louisiana duck hunters.

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But instead of being able to post their link, though, Twitter users found this error message:

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The IStandWithPhil website is operated by a Christian group called Faith Driven Consumer and they report that their site is free of any malaware or other malicious software that would harm visitors’ computers. But Twitter was blocking their site as spam, regardless.

The IStandWithPhil petition has received over 200,000 signatures already.

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By Monday evening, Twitter had reversed its block and Twitter users were allowed to post links to Robertson’s petition site once again. Twitter has refused to answer any questions as to why the site was blocked in the first place.

So, why do you think the Robertson’s site was blocked? Tell us your thoughts below.

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