Fights Break Out Across the Country Over New Air Jordan Shoes

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Customers looking to buy the new Air Jordan 11 Gamma Blue shoes are apparently putting their lives at risk just for wanting to buy them if the fights breaking out across the country are any indication.

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The $185 shoes were released to stores on Saturday, December 21, but impatient fans were not ready to stand quietly in line and await their turn to buy a pair.

The new Air Jordan Gamma Blue 11s.

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One shoe collector was so disgusted by the violence, he decided to speak out by creating a series of photos showing him destroying some of his collectible Air Jordan shoes.

In one photo, DC-based artist Sidney Thomas is seen destroying a brand new pair of Air Jordan “Breds” by cutting them in half with a chain saw.

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Here are two videos of fights that have emerged on the Internet:

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It is pretty disgusting, but it is a scene repeated each year at this time when Nike releases its latest Air Jordan models.

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(H/T The Blaze)

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