Pakistan Terror Group Promises New Terror Attacks in USA

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The Pakistan-based terror group Tehreek-e-Taliban (TTP) has promised to launch a new wave of terror attacks right here in the USA. The group made the threat in a new video it released to Youtube.

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In a shocking report by The Blaze’s Sara Carter, TTP also recently took credit for the failed attempt to kill New Yorkers at Times Square in 2010.

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The 2010 Times Square bombing attempt ended when a faulty bomb failed to go off. But if it had it could have killed dozens of New Yorkers and tourists. A Pakistani national was arrested for the terror attempt two days after the attack.

TTP, though is promising new attacks and in its video shows a map of the USA featuring giant nuclear blast-like explosions.

The terror group claims that it has infiltrated NATO countries and will launch a new global jihad mission.

“Very soon, our jihad… is reaching New York and Washington; our fidayees will very soon enter NATO countries,” TTP spokesman Hussain Ahmed says.

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The video also urges Muslims across the globe to join them.

“Whatever skills you have, whether you be a Muslim living in a NATO country, or Muslims living in Iraq, New York, or Washington, we invite them to study Islam, recite the Koran, look at its orders, then come to the mujahideen and we will train you, stand in our ranks.”

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Sara Carter has much more info on TTP’s claims in her article.

Do you believe these Muslim terrorists? Or is this all just a bunch of mindless bravado that they have no power to deliver to the world? Tell us your thoughts below.

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