Hannity Slams Atheist War on Christmas: ‘You Poor Atheist’

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On his December 20 broadcast, Fox News’ Sean Hannity went on the warpath against his atheist guest’s war on Christmas.

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Hannity welcomed the President of American Atheists, David Silverman, to discuss why atheists hate Christmas.

Why do people like Silverman live to “poke people in the eye,” Hannity asked.

The President of American Atheists, David Silverman

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Silverman disagreed saying, “No, the intention is to raise awareness of the fact that Christmas is better without the religion.”

This atheist then went on to childish hyperbole saying, “nobody likes to go to church.” This is, of course, an utter lie. Millions of people like to go to church. It is idiotic to say otherwise. Saying “nobody” in this case is just foolish.

Hannity went on to reply that he likes going to church but also said that there isn’t any Christmas without the religious aspect of the holiday.

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The panel turned to the removal of a nativity scene from the grounds of Shaw Air Force Base, a story we covered on December 12.

Fox News reporter Todd Stearns, who originally broke the story, amusing pointing out that atheists are so constantly “traumatized by a plastic Jewish family.”

Hannity went on asking, “Are you really that offended [over Christianity]? Does it really bother you if somebody says Merry Christmas? Do you really feel like you have to cross out Christ?”

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As the atheist went on to carp about how oppressed he is, Hannity amusingly replied, “Oh, you poor victim. You poor innocent victim. You poor atheist!”

What do you think? Is Hannity right?

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