Skimpily Dressed Gay Dancers Crash Family Christmas Parade

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Alabama family members recently went out in order to enjoy a Christmas parade, celebrate Christmas and support the local community–little did they know, their event was about to be ruined.  Resembling a few men from the movie The Longest Yard, gay dancers wearing skin tight, short-shorts danced their way past all spectating families and children.

Copyright–The Longest Yard (2005)


A group that calls themselves the Prancing Elites recently entered themselves into, “The Friends of Semmes Christmas Parade,” in Semmes, Alabama.  To the family’s surprise, the men showed up wearing skimpy outfits, and makeup in order to complete their routine.

Their dance consisted of a lot of inappropriate gestures and hip thrusts.  The Daily Mail added, “the team specializes in J-Setting, a lead and follow style hip-hop dance style that involves movements some may find lurid or provocative.”

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Needless to say, many people who happened to be at the parade, as well as its organizers were disgusted, outraged and frustrated.

After catching a lot of heat for their provocative performance, the men released a statement on Facebook stating:

Leader of The Prancing Elites, Kentrell Collins, explains that the outpouring of disgust for the men is result of a double standard.  He claims that what they did, “is no different from a WOMEN putting on baggy short playing an mainly dominated male sport “basketball”…. so why can’t a man put on a leotard and dance?”


The logic hear really makes no sense, as no one could possibly get offended if a woman put more clothes on.  And all the same, if women were to show up to a family function wearing skimpy clothing dancing in front of the community while thrusting their hips, I’m sure there would have been just a big of ruckus.  But of course, let’s blame it on all the narrow minded homophobes.

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However, a few of the things mentioned in the post don’t seem to add up.

Firstly, the group stated that, “The team was invited to join in the festivities.” The claim proves to be false as president of Friends of Semmes, Jack Tillman states, “the organization was contacted by The Prancing Elites two weeks ago and that they were welcomed to perform — but that no investigation of their past work was conducted beforehand.”

The men also question, “if we were such a “disgrace”, why would the officials allow us to continue moving through to the parade at the line up?”  Tillman responded to the question saying that they allowed the men to flaunt their bodies through the parade out of fear of being sued—an almost definite outcome had they told the men to go away.

A board member with Friends of Semmes, Karen McDuffie said that, “I had no idea that they would be dressed the way they were and that they would think it’s appropriate for a community Christmas parade.” She went on to say, “Their costumes and the style of dancing were inappropriate.”

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She apologized to the community saying that The Prancing Elites dance moves were “vulgar” and “not appropriate for a children’s Christmas parade.”

Needless to say, I don’t see the men getting “invited” back next year.

What would you have done had these men shown up to a parade you were watching?

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