Steve Martin Posts Racist Remark On Twitter, Immediately Deleted It And Apologized

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It’s a good thing Twitter has a delete button, otherwise celebrities may stay in trouble longer than they actually do.  This time, Steve Martin took to twitter and after releasing a racist statement, immediately took it down and apologized.

Over the weekend, Steve Martin was holding an impromptu grammar session with his many Twitter followers when he got this question:


To which he replied:


Martin immediately deleted the post realizing the racial side to his statement and apologized to anyone that may have seen it or taken offense.


To add fuel to the fire, TMZ released what the they had heard the tweet said via word of mouth.  It turns out, they released the wrong statement messing up just one of the man’s words amplifying the intensity of the already racial remark.


They ended up replacing “restaurant” with “neighborhood” and ended up starting another assault on the comedian.


Many people took offense even though the man immediately deleted what he said and apologized on several occasions.

Though some were a little more forgiving.


A website called Twitchy, initially didn’t believe Marin when he claimed that the TMZ statement was false, eventually updated its website to read:

“The original version of this post stated that Martin’s tweet denigrated the spelling ability of people who live in African American neighborhoods. A more likely explanation is that he was referencing the tendency of some African Americans to use names that include the prefix “La.” If we misinterpreted his joke (and we think we probably did), we apologize.”

What do you guys think? Was this just an honest mistake? Let us know in the comments below.

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