VIDEO: Man Exposes Muslim Hypocrisy

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Why is it that when Muslims only consist of a minority they cry oppression and when they are the majority, they invoke Sharia Law dealing the immediate and unjustified death penalty to any that don’t comply?  A man that proclaims himself to be the Dr. of common sense takes a stab at the issue in a video he released to YouTube.

E.T. Williams starts out his video asking why whenever we hear of the persecution of Muslims or the religion of Islam, is President Obama the first to stand and defend it.  He also notes that when churches are attacked by members of the “religion of peace” we hear nothing from anyone.

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He brings up instances such as Libya, Egypt, and Syria where President Obama and his staff were more than willing to go to war for the religion.

The question here isn’t a matter of equality, but that of political correctness.  Now we all know that our “tolerant” friends to the left would like to claim that there is no such thing going on regarding the Christian religion, but the fact of the matter stands that it is.

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Referring to it as the “religion of peace”, Williams demands to know why it has been deemed “normal” for Muslims to threaten and kill. He goes into several examples showing the bias between Christianity and Islam.

He states that Muslims are known to throw urine and rocks at Christians and hold signs in front of churches calling Jesus a dog, without any consequence.  Further explaining, he mentions that if Christians were to act in such a way, every Islamist extremist would be threatening to “chop your head off.”

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Williams suggests that as a result of intellectually inferiority, Muslims must threaten to even the playing field.  In other words, if it were to come down to an debate between the two religions, Islam wouldn’t hold water.  In effort to remedy this, Muslims take to threats and intimidation in order to recruit new Muslims, and keep the members they have.

He concludes by saying all the disgusting practices by those enacted by the religion of peace is because when standing side by side to the Christian religion, Islam would cease to be.

What do you guys think? Does the Dr. of common sense make sense?

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