Obamacare Advocates Set Up Shop In Gay Club

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With all the “equal rights” talk right now surrounding the homosexuality it’s a surprise to see that the gay community is being targeted by liberals.  As it turns out, homosexuals have been labeled as one of the highest percentage of uninsured “groups.” To remedy this, Obamacare soldiers recently set up a table in a gay club to get people signed up.

It appears that Obamacare advocates may not think before they act.  As people most likely have gone to a club in order to have fun, let loose, or even forget about their daily lives, the last thing they are going to want to do is sit down and have a serious talk about their healthcare insurance.

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This didn’t seem to stop the group from setting up a table with tons of pamphlets, and Obamacare’s bread and butter—condoms and lube.

Needless to say, the brochures weren’t a big hit as one could imagine they only thing they accomplished was making a mess for cleaners at the club.

As Obamacare continues trying to remedy their abysmally low numbers, the only thing they can think of is wasting taxpayer money and targeting people who really don’t care.  Rick Well’s of The Free Patriot writes, “Other locations have included the downtown DC library, which offered a children’s moon bounce and adult Zumba class, and this past weekend intercepting shoppers at shoe stores and diners at a local Denny’s.”

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Now it’s no real clue why they’re targeting the homosexual community as 18% of them remain uninsured despite the “affordability” and “diverse options” Obamacare provides.  There’s just one thing that is entirely out of their control however.  You can’t force someone to buy something they don’t want.

There’s no dispute that the Affordable Care Act is anything but affordable, and in an economy like this, people don’t have $6,000-$15,000 to spend on health insurance—that’s why they’re uninsured in the first place.

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As a result of all the initiatives’ hard work at the gay club, exactly 0 people enrolled in Obamacare.

They do however threaten that they will be back as they continue to learn—maybe more extreme—recruiting techniques.

Isn’t it time we let Obamacare rest in peace?


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