Obama is Asked About His Lie of the Year

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President Obama was the lucky, lucky recipient of Politifact’s “lie of the year” award for his much repeated claim–and outright lie–that you can “keep your healthcare plan if you like it” and in his year-end press conference he was asked about that fact. Naturally he avoided the question.

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Obama was asked to respond to his lie of the year award by no less than a reporter from The New York Times, a paper that was mocked mercilessly for claiming that Obama had merely “misspoken” when he lied three dozen times telling us we could keep our healthcare plans and doctors when he knew full well we most Americans would end up losing them.

NYT reporter Jacki Calmes wound up a long-winded question on Obama’s lie of the year close to the end of the press conference. When he responded, of course, he ignored the question and went rambling on about things unconnected to Politifact’s finding.

Instead of responding to the point of the question, Obama stumbled around about how he’s “gonna make mistakes” but that his law is still wonderful because it just wants to “help people.”

Obama never responded to his lies.

Remember all these lies?

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Here is the video of just the segment in question courtesy of Politico:

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Here is the video of the entire press conference. Jackie Calmes’ question is about 49 minutes and twenty seconds into the video.

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