Kid Rock Sticks Up For Duck Dynasty Star Saying “F**K PC”

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The famous rocker-rapper-country singer Kid Rock isn’t known for being the most delicate when it comes to his words.  Although this may be the case, in the land of political correctness, it’s about time someone spoke up.  In a statement released on his personal website, Kid Rock comes to the aide of Phil Robertson in a way of his own.

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It’s pretty clear that the majority of the country has Phil Robertson’s back and the only people clinging on to their outrage is our supposed “tolerant” friends to the left.  After all, 1.5 million citizens managed to sign a petition in less than two days in order to support Robertson—as a comparison, Obama only got 300,000 to sign up for Obamacare in 3 months.

Either way, the famous singer went on an extremely obscene—yet almost necessary—rant in defense of the man’s freedoms and turned the tables on political correctness.  In an effort to demonstrate that we have just about had enough of the liberal mindset that we must be tolerant of everything and everyone regardless of our beliefs or religion, Kid Rock took to the web.

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In a heated diatribe, he wrote:

I support Phil Robertson and his choice to express his faith and beliefs. Shame on A&E. I hope all my friends, straight or gay, will stop this bullshit ass PC game being played by ALL of these stupid ass coalitions, groups and idiots…


-Kid Rock.

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It’s. About. Time.

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